Wash and storm drain maintenance throughout Pima County

Posted at 2:51 PM, Jul 24, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-24 21:00:00-04

PIMA CO., Ariz. — In preparation for big monsoon storms, Pima County flood control is in a continuous rotation of maintaining major washes to help with the control of water flow during storms.

“Minor watercourses, major watercourses, so this is an ongoing thing. So right now, we're focused on the CDO and we're removing vegetation between la Canada and Oracle,” said Colby Fryar, the civil engineering manager for Pima County Flood Control.

Vegetation removal along with big sediment removal projects have been completed.

“Sediment removal provides more capacity washes so that when the floods come through. There's nothing restricting the flow, causing it to go over the banks,” said Fryar.

Fryar said the washes held up pretty well against Thursday’s major storm activity.

“Everything seemed to hold up well. It appeared that we were hit pretty hard on the west side of town. In our area where we're working right now. We didn't see any huge heavy flows at the moment. That was good because we were able to keep the crews going and working out there,” said Fryar.

As far as the state of all washes in Pima County, Fryar said, they’re in good shape.

“I mean, there's always the chance that we could get the Noah-size storm and and then, you know, all limits are off but but we're well prepared for what the washes are designed for we're constantly maintaining them,” said Fryar.

The maintenance along Canada del Oro is scheduled to wrap up Monday, then crews will move along to Pima Wash.