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Watch and record free over-the-air TV with Scripps’ redesigned Tablo device

Watch and record free over-the-air TV with Scripps’ redesigned Tablo device
Posted at 2:10 PM, Sep 13, 2023

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Ever wish you could record your favorite free, over-the-air antenna TV because you won’t be home to watch it or want to have it available to enjoy again? The newly redesigned Tablo device is precisely what you need to add to your multimedia collection.

Scripps, the company that owns Don’t Waste Your Money, has launched a new version of Tablo, a device that connects to the internet and pairs with a TV antenna. This connection then sends a signal to smart devices, allowing customers to watch or record live TV shows on your smart TVs, phones and tablets anywhere in your home.


The New Way To Watch TV, Subscription-Free

The new Tablo device aims to help consumers access their favorite TV programming without subscription fees while streamlining the navigation experience and providing DVR capability.

“We’ve completely rebuilt the Tablo experience from the ground up to provide consumers with an amazing free TV experience that you can’t get from an antenna alone,” said Bo Schuerman, Scripps vice president of enterprise strategy, in a statement. “Now, consumers can easily watch live football, local news, free streaming channels and record so many great shows and movies with no subscription fees.”

Currently, the Tablo TV device costs $99.95 at (with free shipping) and $99.99 at You’ll also be able to find the Tablo device at Best Buy stores around the U.S. The ability to buy the Tablo device and Tablo Total System will be available on Amazon soon as well.

If you do not have a TV antenna yet, you’ll want to pick up the Tablo Total System on sale for a limited time for $109.95 (regularly $129.95) with free shipping. This package includes the Tablo device and an indoor antenna, which will pick up programming from stations up to 35 miles away.

Aside from having internet service and a smart device, there are no other fees, subscriptions or contracts required to use Tablo. Just purchase the device and you’ll be able to access the TV programs and product capabilities — like being able to pause, record and replay shows — for free.

The Tablo TV setup is simple, as seen in this video. They also have an app that tells you where to place your antenna for the best reception and live customer support in case you get stuck along the way.

Tablo Features and Channels

You’ll want to download the Tablo smartphone app before you plug the device into your antenna and internet. The app will walk you through ensuring your TV antenna gets the most channels and best reception possible.

Also included with the Tablo is access to 40+ additional free streaming channels, including CourtTV, Scripps News, Bounce and many more. You canfind out all the channels you should have access tobased on your ZIP code.

Tablo makes it easy for TV lovers to watch, pause and record network broadcast TV and free live streaming channels on:

• Streaming media devices from Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Android TV
• Smart TVs running Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Android TV Operating Systems
• iOS/Android smartphones and tablets

It’ll be adding compatibility to other devices as well in the future, so check for  the most up to date list of compatible devices.

Tablo has a live TV guide that most viewers are used to having with other devices or services. There is also a streaming-style guide to effortlessly find favorite movies, shows and sports events.


If you need to step away from the TV, simply push pause on your TV or streaming device remote or rewind to where you left off. The DVR function is built into the Tablo. You can also program the Tablo to automatically record a single episode or entire season. Just set it and forget it until you’re ready to watch.

With Tablo, you’re not chained to a single TV to watch all its programming. When it’s connected to your home’s internet, anyone can watch or record whatever is broadcast over Tablo. Any smart TV, smartphone or tablet with a screen lets you access Tablo’s shows via the wireless network. You can watch whatever you like in your bedroom while the kids watch something else in the living room.

You don’t have to sacrifice quality programming when you’re trying to save money for your family. The new fourth-generation Tablo device puts the power of many channels at your fingertips and the ability to control when you want to watch it with the DVR.

Over-the-Air Television

Many households are turning to OTA TV to help cut costs. According to Nielsen data, one-third of all content watched on cable during prime time and weekends is available at no cost over the air using an antenna. This includes programming such as live sports, local news and primetime shows.

Additionally, the Consumer Technology Association reports that nearly one in three U.S. households (36 million) own an antenna and have access to this free programming.


The biggest incentive for consumers is to save money by cutting their ties with cable, satellite, or subscription-based streaming services. ACNet report says the cost for basic cable plus Internet services per month is up to an average of  $132, which adds up to about $1,582 per year. That does not include any premium channels or additional streaming services. Meanwhile, just paying for Internet services without cable costs between $50-$67 per month.

The challenge for many consumers is navigating all the programming available or accessing it throughout the home. Tablo was designed to help viewers find their favorite programs at the touch of a button while providing a high-quality platform experience.

“A cornerstone of our company strategy is to increase OTA adoption by improving the consumer experience, and Tablo does that by giving users some of the same features and benefits they are accustomed to with other TV services,” said Adam Symson, Scripps president and CEO. “The new Tablo solution revolutionizes the consumer experience for over-the-air television and free streaming services. Our investments in Tablo as well as the Scripps Networks, live sports and news all expand our leadership in free ad-supported television.”

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