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New left turn arrows at Broadway and Swan

Is it legal to enter an intersection during a flashing yellow arrow?
TPD to direct travel at Broadway and Swan to allow installation of new traffic signals
Posted at 8:41 AM, Apr 22, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-22 11:41:09-04

After completing a report on Good Morning Tucson about the installation of new signals with flashing yellow arrows at Broadway and Swan, I immediately received several texts and a few emails about driver frustration with them.

The opinion of each responder was they didn't understand why many crosstown travelers do not move into the intersection when a flashing yellow arrow presents itself. The drivers who hold back from entering, creates a fair amount of animosity (and horn-honking) against them.

While there's no formal explanation, all the responders thought the issue was uncertainty of the law.

What can you legally do at an intersection that is showing a flashing yellow arrow?

As long as the left turn arrow is flashing yellow, it is legal to enter the intersection. But, you must wait for pedestrians, cyclists and any other oncoming traffic to move through before you can safely make your turn.

Because the flashing arrow signal heads are relatively new in the city limits and also because of the demise of red-light cameras, many want to play it safe because of their uncertainty.

Everything about left turns and the new left turn flashing signals is shown here.

If you're one of the drivers holding back from entering a city intersection on a flashing left turn arrow, give it a try. You shouldn't be concerned. Travelers behind you will also appreciate it.


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