This Teacher Is Going Viral For A Yard Sign Congratulating A Student On His Reading Test Score

Posted: 5:25 AM, Sep 11, 2019
Updated: 2019-09-12 01:14:47-04
This Teacher Is Going Viral For A Yard Sign Congratulating A Student On His Reading Test Score

When third-grader Christopher of Valley, Alabama scored a 100 percent on his reading test, his teacher decided to congratulate him in a big way. Mrs. Caffie made him a yard sign that read, “Mrs. Caffie is so proud of me!”

The student’s mom, Ashly McCarley, took to Facebook to share the sweet gesture along with some photos on her son and the teacher with the sign.

“Y’all! This is amazing!” McCarley wrote in the post. “My son’s 3rd grade teacher just surprised him with a yard sign, for making a 100 on his reading test Friday! Mrs. Caffie, you made Christopher’s day.”

Aww! Christopher looks so happy and is clearly beaming with pride. The post quickly caught on and has now racked up more than 17,000 reactions, more than 1,000 comments and over 8,200 shares. People were so impressed with this teacher’s efforts to go above and beyond to make her student feel special.

“Love it! He will always remember this day! Good for him. Thankful for teachers like this a blessing!” wrote Facebook user Gloria Justice in the comments.

“What a fabulous teacher!!!!!” agreed Mikki Bobo-Funderburk. “Great job on the 100!”

“What an encouraging and loving gesture!” wrote Tom Blair. “We need more of this in our schools, work arenas and homes.”


McCarley isn’t the only parent to express gratitude for caring teachers on social media. In 2018, Florida mom Brittany Manning took to Facebook to give a shoutout to teachers for all they do for their students, even well after the school day is over.

“When your child is struggling, their teacher is going to go home with your child’s face in their mind, wondering how they can help your child succeed tomorrow,” she wrote.

Here’s to all the educators who work so hard to ensure their students’ happiness and success. We hope they all have an awesome school year ahead!

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