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The CW Tucson understands that some of the finer details about our industry can oftentimes be confusing. We've gathered information on the most common topics that result in questions, and offer it here for your use.

About Closed Captioning

For immediate closed captioning concerns (e.g., captioning that has become garbled) please contact us at 520-618-6171or email

Please send written closed captioning concerns of a non-immediate nature to Derek Batterham, Master Control Supervisor, 520-290-7618, 7280 E. Rosewood St., Tucson AZ, 85710 or e-mail to

About Obtaining Digital Copies of CW Tucson Stories Seen on 9 On Your Side News Broadcasts

9 On Your Side does not provide copies of newscast directly to the public because of company policy. There are three local companies that record all Tucson media news broadcasts and make them available to the public for a fee.

The CW Tucson does not endorse any of the companies listed below.

Tucson Media Monitoring: (520) 886-3343

Digital Media Monitoring: (520) 882-6810 or toll free at (800) 516-8060

Media Watch AZ: (520) 628-7250

The companies recommend having the date and time of the broadcast you are seeking to request prior to calling. The CW Tucson and it's parent company, E.W. Scripps, do not receive any compensation from these companies. Furthermore, we are not responsible for the products or services they provide. Video obtained through these services/companies may only be used for personal use. Any business or organization wishing to use video are encouraged to contact the 9 On Your Side newsroom at (520) 290-7700 for information on licensing footage. The CW Tucson does not allow users to download video electronically from our website . Thus, any video obtained via this method is not authorized to be reposted to any medium including other websites.