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The Pioneer Woman’s all-new outdoor collection is out

The Pioneer Woman’s all-new outdoor collection is out
Posted at 7:55 AM, Apr 18, 2023

Good news for those who are preparing their backyards for summer: The Pioneer Woman has released a new outdoor furniture and decor collection at Walmart that has pretty much everything you’ll need to ensure a fabulous summer.

Ree Drummond, who goes by the alias “The Pioneer Woman,” already has a handful of products at Walmart including clothing, Crockpots and even frozen meals. However, this is the first time her items have ventured outside of the home and into gardens and patios.

The items range in price from $8 for a ceramic planter to $198 for a bisto set, with dozens of other items including patio furniture, gardening tools and décor available for purchase. Take a look at just some of the items you’ll find in the new collection, exclusively at Walmart.

Bird Ogee Squirrel Proof Hopper Bird Feeder ($37.97)


Love feeding the birds, but hate when squirrels steal all the food? This precious squirrel-proof bird feeder is priced at $37.97. The feeder has a 5.5-quart seed capacity, viewing windows so you can see when it’s running low and a hinged locking roof so it can be easily refilled.

“Weight-sensitive collapsing seed shields” block squirrels from accessing the seed while still allowing our feathered friends to grab some from 16 different feeding ports. For an extra way to keep squirrels away, the feeder also has collapsing perches, which make it harder for them to grasp on.

The bird feeder currently has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars, with customers calling it “gorgeous” and saying it’s easy to fill, and does indeed prevent squirrels from getting into the birdseed. One customer even said it’s the best bird feeder they’ve ever had.

“Easy to fill with the birdseed, gorgeous, yellow, color, and artwork. And best of all the birds love it, and the squirrels cannot get to the seed when they try to get on the perch to get the seed. It closes the holes up and they can’t get it,” a customer named Katbird wrote. “Nice large size. Holds approximately 5 pounds of birdseed one full beautiful colors available I got the yellow. So cheery on a winter day.”

Folk Geo 13-Ounce Citronella Outdoor Candle ($15.98)


If you live in an area that gets a lot of mosquitos, you know there’s no such thing as too many citronella candles. This 13-ounce candle is priced at $15.98 and comes in a ceramic bowl featuring Drummond’s “signature Folk Geo print.”

With a “mango citron” scent that should help keep mosquitos away, the candle has a 3-hour burn time. Once the wax has melted, you can clean it out and repurpose the bowl or even turn it into another citronella candle by following these instructions.

3-Piece Cast Aluminum Garden Bistro Set ($198)


Looking to revamp your patio this summer? This 3-piece cast aluminum garden bistro set comes in bright teal and will add a pop of color to your outdoor space.

Priced at $198, it comes with a 1.9-foot by 2.2-foot table and two chairs with ergonomic backrests. All three pieces are lightweight so you can easily move them around. They all have a “hand-applied, multi-step, powder-coat finish” that is resistant to both rust and fading.

Blue Wood Raised Garden Bed ($119)


If you’re planning on doing some gardening this year and would prefer not to get on the ground to do so, this raised garden bed is made for indoor or outdoor use and includes a bottom shelf for holding tools or other supplies.

Priced at $119, it is made of solid wood and includes a non-woven liner and three drain holes for planting. Measuring 3.35-feet long by 2.6-feet high, it won’t be able to hold a full garden of vegetables, but will be plenty of room for flowers or herbs.

5-by-7 Multi-Color Outdoor Rug ($67)


If you’re in need of a rug for your patio or pool area, this 5-by-7-foot multi-color outdoor rug is made to “withstand the elements and still look good,” so it should hold up to water and the summer heat.

If you need a bigger rug, you can also find the same one that measures 6-feet by 9-feet for $79, or 7-feet by 10-feet for $99. With a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars, customers say the rug is “beautiful,” “colorful” and “multi-functional.” One customer wrote that if you “love color,” then you should buy the rug.

“The colors are turquoise and yellow with some blue and red in some areas. They are bright and vivid and would brighten up any area,” a customer named McKenzie wrote. “You could easily use this rug indoors although they recommend using a rug pad. For outdoor use, they recommend sweeping the rug or rinsing off with a garden hose.”

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