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U.S. Navy Veteran creates one-of-a-kind food business

Posted: 12:51 PM, Dec 03, 2018
Updated: 2018-12-03 14:51:36-05

Of the 5.5 million businesses in the U.S. today, seven percent are veteran-owned, but it is difficult for veterans to receive outside investments in a start-up.

That’s why the PenFed Foundation has created the Veteran Entrepreneur Investment Program (VEIP). The program provides veteran-owned start-ups with seed capital to build and grow their businesses. The first recipient of the investment is True Made Foods created by U.S. Navy vet Abe Kamarck. Veteran-owned and American-made, the company makes popular sauces like BBQ and ketchup in a healthier, vegetable-rich way. Swapping out traditional ketchup and sauces for True Made removes the sugar equivalent of 1,000 cans of soda per year from your diet and replaces it with nutrient-dense vegetables – including butternut squash and carrots.

Learn more at TrueMadeFoods.com