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Tips for standing up to bullies

Posted at 12:23 PM, Nov 04, 2019

Even if your child is NOT the victim of a bully, research finds that it is important to teach ALL children to stand up for those who ARE bullied. Research also finds that using superhero comics can help open up communication in a very engaging way. Research scientist Jasmine Williams has teamed up with the national children’s advocacy organization, Committee for Children.

Captain Compassion is the bullying prevention superhero parents and educators can use to help communicate approachable, research-based bullying prevention information to kids. Research finds that preventing bullying at school must start at home. The superhero comic concept really resonates with kids, and it’s a great way to engage parents in how they can talk about bullying with their children. The Captain Compassion Campaign focuses on providing adults and children with tips that are delivered through an engaging comic book narrative featuring Captain Compassion and her sidekick Kid Kinder.