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The tax planning opportunities you have to take advantage of

Posted at 1:28 PM, Dec 09, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-09 15:28:43-05

For more info or to schedule a consultation or to second opinion and make sure your ideal retirement plan is in place, Call Jeff’s office to meet with him: 520-780-9059 or go to the website

Our Mission…
To help retirees build, protect, and preserve their assets.

Our Passion…
To have all of our clients experience true financial piece of mind and security throughout their retirement years.

Our Strategy…
To make use of all relevant products, services, and asset allocation techniques, including all legal tax reducing methods and risk reduction strategies, to increase net cash flows while striving to build a secure and lasting financial foundation.

Our Process…
Identify client's needs and goals. Assist in plan design and strategy selection. Take action to implement all necessary products, services, and other components of plan. Regularly monitor the plan and revise as needed.

Over 20 Years in Service to Others…
While many who call themselves financial consultants or financial advisors have a drive to succeed and a license to sell a product or service, they often lack the experience and wisdom to apply appropriate solutions and strategies that provide true value to those they serve. That is certainly not the case with Jeff P. Vogan, RFC, IAR, owner and president of Premiere Retirement Planning, a financial services firm serving the southwest with offices in Mesa and Tucson, Arizona. Since incorporating his business in 1994, Jeff has enjoyed enormous success. In short, Jeff’s goals are to help his clientele sleep better at night by striving to eliminate or reduce the worry associated with investment risk, market and economic uncertainty, and the possibility of outliving one’s retirement nest egg.

Service does not stop once the appropriate recommendations are made and selected strategies are implemented. A good financial planner knows that a good plan requires constant review and an occasional tweak here and there. Sometimes modifications are driven by market conditions and other times they are determined by a client’s lifestyle change or new set of goals. That’s why regularly scheduled reviews are necessary and are a priority at Premiere Retirement Planning. Client retention and satisfaction are the firm’s highest priority and the number one reason so many clients have the confidence to refer their closest friends and neighbors to Vogan and his firm. As an entrepreneur, Mr. Vogan has extended his attitude of service, making a difference in the banking community. Seeking to change the way traditional large corporate banks do business, Jeff founded Arizona Bank and Trust in 2003 and served as Chairman and Director from its inception, through its successful opening, and during its initial expansion. The new bank has brought back the attitudes of old style community banks where people actually know your name and care about your well being. The bank continues to prosper and serve Arizona residents and small businesses in a responsible and friendly manner.