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The impact of chronic idiopathic constipation

Posted at 3:26 PM, Dec 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-12-19 17:26:53-05

There are an estimated 35 million people in the United States living with chronic idiopathic constipation[i],[ii]* - a condition characterized by difficult, infrequent or incomplete passage of stools over a prolonged period.[iii]Findings from a new survey, Current Insights About Constipation, which included gastroenterologists (GIs) and CIC patients, reveal the real disruptive impact this condition has on patients’ lives – from missing out on important events to dealing with problematic symptoms to having negative feelings about living with the condition, such as frustration and stress.

Additionally, the survey found that on average, GIs say their CIC patients try about four over-the-counter and two prescription medications before finding a treatment that works well for them. In this satellite interview, Dr. Chey is available to discuss the survey findings and to provide additional insights into this disease, its symptoms, risk factors and causes, and advice for talking to your doctor about CIC. The purpose of these conversations is to discuss the CIC condition and experience – questions regarding specific treatments (over-the-counter or prescription) will not be addressed and should be directed to a patient’s healthcare professional (HCP).


· More than 8 in 10 CIC patients (84%) agree that no one understands the negative impact CIC has on their everyday life.[iv]

· Approximately 7 in 10 CIC patients (71%) say they are missing out on many of life’s moments (e.g., family parties, kids’ sporting events or recitals) because of CIC.4

· Around half or more of CIC patients say the condition has negatively impacted each of the following a lot or a great deal: their self-confidence (60%), their ability to engage in hobbies they used to enjoy (59%), their romantic relationships/intimacy (54%), and their job/career or ability to work (47%).4

· On average, CIC patients experienced CIC symptoms for nearly three years (2.7), before they were diagnosed.4

· Nearly a quarter (26%) of CIC patients made approximately 5 visits to a HCP before they were ultimately diagnosed. The majority of patients (56%) reported making approximately 3 or more visits to a HCP before diagnosis.4

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