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Scared of scorpions?

Posted at 12:35 PM, May 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-05-27 15:35:34-04

Get control of your scorpion problem with a little help from the Pros!Most Tucson home owners have experienced the alarm of seeing a scorpion in their house at least once. This is especially disconcerting when you have small children or pets in the home. Scorpions are tough, resilient and solitary pests that can make exterminating them a difficult task, especially when it comes to DIY solutions. Luckily, the professionals at Results Pest and Termite are here to help!

The key to getting rid of scorpions is to fully understand their behavior and attributes. There are many factors that go into why you may have chronic scorpion problems, and our treatments will depend on the assessment of our professionals once they’ve looked at your home or business. Our professional technicians are trained to understand how and why scorpions might be in your home or business.

Scorpions are highly resilient and often require multiple treatments to manage them depending on the severity of your problem. We also will do a complete property inspection to fully understand their environment as well as how they might be accessing the home.

Another key component that helps scorpions thrive is access to food. As predators, they often come into a home because there are ample sources of food in your home, which means you may have other bug problems you aren’t currently aware of. By eliminating other bugs in your home, you will also be treating your scorpion infestation.

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Results Pest & Termite is a locally owned and operated Tucson pest control company with decades of proven service under our belts. Started originally by Sonny over 20 years ago, Results has consistently provided excellent service at an affordable price. Local Tucson residents that knew they wanted their pests gone for good knew to pick up the phone and call Results!

We intentionally have kept our company small and grew when we had the right people to take on the extra work. This approach ensured that we didn’t outgrow our commitment to caring for our most valuable asset as a company: our customers. The technicians at Results show up on time, respect your home, show a friendly face, and our prices are competitive and affordable.