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Rage & Destruction: You don't have to be mad to smash stuff!

Posted at 9:49 AM, Oct 18, 2021
and last updated 2021-10-18 12:49:10-04

Rage & Destruction is a paid sponsor of The Morning Blend.

From the website:

Known as rage, break or smash rooms, they are made for destruction! This is a place to vent rage or stress in a safe place. What a great way to de-stress and have fun - by smashing things.

Haven't you had that day where you just wanted to throw things? Driven by work, finances, family, traffic, social events and the economy, there are many reasons to stop by. Rage & Destruction is a safe place to destroy several items and let us take care of the clean up. Stop by and do a little of your own R&D. We know you will leave with a smile on your face.