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Offerpad: Move freely with a new way to buy and sell homes

Posted at 2:10 PM, Oct 09, 2019
and last updated 2019-10-09 17:10:47-04

From the Offerpad website:

Join thousands of happy homeowners who sold to Offerpad! They will buy your home directly, allowing you to avoid the typical hassle-filled selling process.

It all started with Brian Bair, an innovative real estate professional who had a vision for making a better real estate experience. In 2009, he and his partners began buying and selling thousands of homes across the country.

Brian and his team gained a deep understanding of the challenges people face trying to sell their home. They found that even successful sellers were overwhelmed by the stress of selling - trying to guess what their home would sell for, prepping for showings, negotiating a deal, finding movers, and waiting for the closing. There had to be a better way.

So, the pioneering group set out to offer something new to the industry. They had a clear goal: to reinvent the home sale process by providing sellers with convenience, control and certainty. In 2015, Offerpad was born. Using on-demand technology, along with their industry experience, they created a platform where sellers could come and get a near-immediate purchase offer for their home, contract and close, all without a number of the hassles associated with traditional real estate selling.

A few of the benefits and features include:

Pick your own closing date:
Offerpad allows you to pick your closing date and gives you the flexibility to change the date when needed!

No showings or open houses:
Avoid disrupting your life with showings to strangers, inconvenient open houses and ruined weekends.

Free local move included:
Offerpad works with national movers and includes a Free Local Move!

Double the satisfaction with Offerpad and Keller offers new partnership:
Now in Tucson, you can enjoy the face-to-face service from a Keller Williams agent and the surety and convenience of an Offerpad home sale, with guidance throughout process.

To learn more, visit Offerpad.com