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New breakthroughs in AI technology

Posted at 1:50 PM, May 19, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-25 21:41:46-04

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For many organizations around the world, digital transformation has been accelerated by the global pandemic, sparking Artificial Intelligence (AI) to make a fundamental shift from out of reach tool or proof of concept purgatory to a real revenue driver. AI today is changing the way businesses operate in fundamental ways, from how they communicate with their customers through virtual agents, to automating key workflows and even managing network security. At IBM’s Think Conference, our annual flagship global event, we are announcing new breakthroughs in AI technology, for businesses and consumers.

Not only are businesses leaning on AI technology, but it has also become more prominent in everyday life for consumers, in many ways that may go unnoticed. IBM has had more than 40,000 customer engagements using IBM Watson to drive better business outcomes including major brands like CVS, Ancestry, Anthem, CitiBank, Clorox, EY, GlaxoSmithKline, HSBC, Johnson & Johnson, Lufthansa, NatWest Group, and Verizon. For example:

  • CVS was facing a major spike in call volume about the vaccine and availability across all 50 states. IBM Global Business Services worked with CVS to use Watson Assistant on IBM Public Cloud to roll out a new customer care system in just a few weeks. Thanks to AI and automation, the virtual voice assistant has handled millions of calls – a majority without human assistance – and cut call length down significantly.
  • Another key area of focus for IBM is helping enterprises use AI and automation to enable their workers to reclaim up to 50 percent of their time to focus on their most important projects. Imagine if automation could do the tasks you don’t like, such as scheduling, completing forms or improving ticket requests. That's now possible Watson Orchestrate Watson Orchestrate uses the powerful AI engine to automatically access business systems and combine pre-packaged skills on-the-fly and in-context based on organizational knowledge and prior interactions.
  • KPMG worked with IBM to create an AI solution using IBM Watson to help companies to identify, claim and retain potential R&D income tax credits by reviewing more documentation quickly while minimizing disruption to the client's business. In the past year, KPMG clients have seen more potential for R&D tax credits, with some projects even seeing more than a 1000% increase in the number of documents reviewed. KPMG is also combining its multidisciplinary capabilities around governance and risk management with IBM’s Watson OpenScale technology to help organizations bolster a responsible AI program and evaluate individual AI/ML algorithms and systems.

IBM Chief Artificial Intelligence Officer
Dr. Seth Dobrin is Global Chief AI Officer at IBM and leads the corporate AI Strategy. In his role, Seth is responsible for connecting AI development with a systemic creation of business value via design-driven strategy and AI-enabled operational execution. Seth is fundamentally changing every area of the company, from business operations to product development, by adopting a Trustworthy AI approach ensuring continuous and responsible delivery of AI-based business outcomes across the company.