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Luxury French skincare for a steal

Posted at 12:34 PM, Jun 16, 2020

Over 80% of the signs of aging is from the climate you live in. In Tucson, it's the HIGH DESERT climate— but now you can do something about it.
Climate-Smart® 3-Step Rotating System: High Desert
Wondering why it’s 3 simple steps but…we’re giving you 4 products?

Here’s why: It’s easy! You select and rotate your two climate specific day creams (Step 3) according to your daily weather, or in Arizona’s case: elevation.

Here’s how it works: (Step 1) The Hydrating Balancer followed by (Step 2) the Serum and then… (Step 3) YOU pick your Day Cream depending on today’s elevation. If you’re in Tucson where it’s high desert and elevation is above 2,000 feet, select the Mountain Day Cream. If you travel to the low desert, such as Phoenix, where elevation is below 2,000 feet, rotate to the Desert Day Cream. Voilà…youthful, healthy looking skin is yours!

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