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How water harvesting can help save the planet

Posted at 1:43 PM, Oct 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-27 16:43:59-04

From the website:

Rick Weisberg, owner of Oasis Water Harvesting, remains dedicated to being a leader in water harvesting in Southern Arizona. Since starting Oasis in 2005, he has continued to expand his knowledge and grow the business through hundreds of satisfied customers. Over 1.2 million gallons of rain water harvesting storage delivered to southeren Arizona customers since 2005

  • Home Based Business of the Year, 2012-2013 - Sierra Vista Chamber of Commerce
  • Rain Catcher Award, 2013 - American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association (ARCSA) (best commercial rain water harvesting job completed in North America in 2013
  • A+ BBB rating

Awards and honors received

  • Sierra Vista Chamber of Commerce, since 2010
  • Better Business Bureau, since 2005
  • Accredited Professional with ARCSA, since 2008
  • ARCSA masters coursework completed, 2012
  • ARCSA rainwater harvesting systems inspector program, completed 2012
  • Guest speaker at multiple events and workshops

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Rick Weisberg, owner of Oasis Water Harvesting from the beginning in 2005 wanted to create a company that was focused solely on rain water harvesting. He knew there were already companies out there that did rain gutters, some of which also sold rain water harvesting products, but nobody that focused in on water harvesting only. Rick has built releationships with some of those existing gutter companies both in Sierra Vista and Tucson that he teams up with to install these systems. When the jobs require it Rick also has teamed up with South West Desert Images, a long established landscaping company in Sierra Vista. A number of commercial jobs have been completed through that releationship and new ones are always in the works.

Another business plan from the beginning was to get out and work with home owners directly and give them ideas on how easy it is to do rain water havesing. Oasis for the past decade has done free on site home visits, answering questions, and giving home owners ideas. Because Oasis represents currently 4 different plastic water tank manufacturers and two metal tank manufacturers, Rick with Oasis is best suited to give customers the widest variety of options for each individual situation of any business in southern Arizona. Oasis maintains a good size inventory of the 4 different plastic tank manufacturers (Bushman, Poly-Mart, Tijeras and Good Ideas inc) at our storage yard in Sierra Vista (4433 S Hwy 92)