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How technology can help keep kids safe online and offline

Posted at 1:01 PM, Aug 26, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-26 16:01:32-04

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How do parents keep their children safe ? Likely you will hear car seats, helmets and knee pads for bicycle riding. But what about Internet safety? Parents often don’t know where to start in order to protect their children online.

Children Safety Expert and CEO of The Safety Place,Crystal Pichon, shares tips for parents on how to keep their kids safe during back-to-school season. Crystal shares tips on keeping kids safe while online and how technology can help secure your child’s extracurricular activities and your peace of mind.


  • SAFE AND SMART HOME: As kids head back to classrooms and parents head back to their offices, smart home automation such as text alerts when your child arrives home and smart door locks that can be accessed via your mobile phone, can give you peace of mind that your kids are safe at home, even if you are not.
  • TECH THAT DISCONNECTS: The same technology that helps connect us to each other also has features that help us disconnect. And that is so important, especially for kids. Seek out applications that have detailed parental controls and all you to control when devices must be paused for dinnertime, bedtime or during school hours.
  • NETWORK SECURITY: Options like Cox Panoramic Wifi offer advanced network security which automatically extends to any device connected to the home network wirelessly including phones, laptops, game consoles and cameras, giving your home robust cyber security.
  • TALK TO YOUR KIDS: Open communication will always be the key. Talk to your children about what sites they are on, which friends they are connected with on the internet, and what they should and should not post online.

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