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Four-Legged Porch Pirates on the prowl

From "Pooch Pirates" to antlers, no home is safe
Posted at 12:51 PM, Dec 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-24 14:51:43-05

In a world where we've got to stress about people stealing our delivered packages, we now have something new to worry about.

However, it may not be there intention.

In Oklahoma, a family's doorbell camera captured a "Pooch Pirate" in the act as it snagged one of their packages. Apparently, the Christmas gift traveled all the way from California, and a large, white dog decided to take the gift home — perhaps back to his own family.

Take a look at the video...

Max, the large, white dog, has since been put in timeout and the neighbors offered to pay for the package.

Over in San Pedro, California, a ambitious squirrel was able to steal a package from a resident's porch.

The video footage shows the squirrel creep up on a number of packages on the doorstep, and select one and drag it off-camera.

Then, when it's not your packages being stolen it's your beloved Christmas decorations you've got to worry about.

With a "bah humbug" and a few stamps of a hoof, the decorations were destroyed outside a home in Georgia.

In conclusion, these kind of instances have been happening for years. Now we've got fancy cameras to document it.