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Elegant, French skincare customized for different climates

Posted at 4:50 PM, Nov 12, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-12 18:50:05-05

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Around the globe, both indoor and outdoor climate conditions cause rapid dehydration of your complexion. In a perfectly mild climate where skin looks naturally healthy and plump, your complexion draws 30% water from inside the body and 70% water from the atmosphere. This is called the “perfect ratio”. But since life is not perfect, your complexion draws either too much or too little water from the atmosphere and because of it, turns dry, oily or a combination of it.

We’ve fixed all that with our innovative geo-hydrodynamic technology. Customized for high, low and average humidity in a climate, it utilizes multi-molecule technologies helping skin to draw in the optimal amount of water within the millions of nuances within a climate.