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Eco-friendly tips to help dad improve his backyard

Posted at 12:54 PM, Jun 18, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-18 15:54:46-04

According to a National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP) survey, 79% of homeowners say that a lawn is an important feature when renting or buying a home and 77% of Americans report relaxing in their yards at least once a month. As more and more people find themselves at home, they now have the time to tackle those to-do lists and undertake the household projects that always seemed to be on the backburner – including lawn maintenance. In time for Father’s Day, licensed landscape contractor, Sara Bendrick will share some helpful tips to help dad take his backyard to the next level in an eco-friendly way!

· PLANT A TREE (OR A FEW!): This is one way you and your family can make a positive impact on your yard and create lasting memories while you do it. Trees provide shade, which can significantly reduce temperatures, and reduce noise pollution while offering a habitat for wildlife.

· CREATE A GARDEN WITH NATIVE PLANTS: These are ideally suited for water efficiency because they have adapted to their local soil and weather patterns, a great educational opportunity with the kids.

· WATERING AT THE RIGHT TIME: Water in the early morning or late afternoon so water is not lost to evaporation in the hot sun.

· REDUCE LAWN WASTE: Using battery-powered equipment goes hand-in-hand with practicing regenerative lawncare and gardening. By simply recycling yard trimmings into fertilizer, homeowners not only reduce lawn waste but also helps conserve moisture and return nutrients to the soil leading to a lush, green lawn.

· START A COMPOST PROJECT WITH DAD: Install a rain barrel for water collection or composting bin for fertilizer. Both options reduce waste and can be used to return key minerals and nutrients to your landscape and can be a fun science experiment for the entire family.