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Dr. reveals COVID-19 is impacting children with diabetes and how to get help.

Posted at 6:55 PM, Dec 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-08 20:55:55-05

COVID-19 has many feeling stressed and isolated, exacerbating mental health challenges across the country. The CDC recently reported that more than two in five Americans struggle with mental or behavioral health issues due to the pandemic, with 31% noting symptoms of anxiety or depressive disorder.

Now, heading into a holiday season where many are foregoing traditional gatherings, the space between us can feel even more expansive – particularly for children and families managing diabetes. A survey by Opinion Health and supported by Abbott exploring

the emotional impact of diabetes on children and families found a diabetes diagnosis makes a child 73% more likely to be anxious

than those without it and, nearly half of parents surveyed believed their child’s diabetes caused them to have mental health issues.

To add to this, more than 50% of people with diabetes who were diagnosed with COVID-19 have been hospitalized, highlighting the population’s higher risk for severe complications. Connected care has never been more important; advancements in health technology, paired with the uptick in telehealth, have been instrumental in helping people stay healthy, especially during the pandemic and upcoming holiday season.

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Continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) are one of the advancements helping people with diabetes manage their condition safely from home – leaving them one less thing to worry about in the current environment. This is particularly true for parents of children with diabetes who reported feeling a heavy emotional burden over managing their child’s condition. Access to wearable CGM technology

that eliminates the need for fingersticks plays a critical role in making it easier.