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Copper Canyon: Compassionate assisted living and memory care

Posted at 4:30 PM, Sep 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-08 19:30:28-04

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Copper Canyon Assisted Living and Memory Care in Tucson is one the area's premier retirement communities in need of assisted living, transitional assisted living, or memory care. Sam Nanez helps plan and implement many of the life enrichment activities at the community. He's here today to give us a glimpse into how these activities benefit the residents.

It's more than a memory care facility, it is a memory care “community.” Located just north of the Rillito River and mere blocks from Northwest Medical Center, the community offers a warm and welcoming senior community for those in need of assisted living, transitional assisted living, or memory care in Tucson and surrounding areas.

Copper Canyon combines Person-Centered Care with a robust Life Enrichment Program that embraces six Pillars of Wellness: physical engagement, sensory stimulation, spiritual support, social connection, intellectual discovery, and emotional expression. Deeply rooted in Montessori methodology, Copper Canyon’s Wellness Programs and collaborative, Person-Centered Care assessments come together to provide residents with care that goes above and beyond that of traditional nursing homes.

In its secured environment, the team strives to empower residents, improve quality of life, enhance dignity, honor choice, support independence, and promote positive well-being. They do this by offering customizable levels of care, so whether your loved one is just starting to experience memory challenges, or if they have been living with Alzheimer’s and dementia for quite some time, you can rest assured knowing that the experienced and professional staff is providing the care they need, day and night.