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Andrew Zimmern talks new Magnolia Network

Posted at 10:17 PM, Jul 19, 2021
and last updated 2021-07-20 01:17:47-04

Magnolia Network is a paid sponsor of The Morning Blend.

The network’s highly-anticipated launch slate and summer roll-out boasts more than 150 hours of premium unscripted content from an ever-growing roster of creators spanning home, food, gardening, design, entrepreneurship and the arts - all available now.

Subscribers to the MAGNOLIA app will also get access to an exclusive collection of workshop content—featuring some of the country’s most talented makers and artisans—designed to empower the audience to move beyond inspiration and into action by teaching them the skills necessary to try something new, in addition to recipes, behind-the-scenes footage, mid-form content and easy-to-use shoppable features.

Culinary multi-hyphenate Andrew Zimmern has devoted his life to exploring and promoting cultural acceptance and understanding through food. In “Family Dinner” Zimmern visits families across America to explore how the cultural, regional and historical facets of who we are inform what and how we eat.