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Actor Matt Iseman on his fight against arthritis

Posted at 1:21 PM, Mar 02, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-02 15:21:12-05

Imagine not being able to hold your newborn baby or being thrown into a vicious cycle of unemployment through no fault of your own… That’s the reality for many of the 54-million Americans living with arthritis.

The results of one the nation’s largest assessments of people with arthritis reveals the devastating physical and emotional realities for those living with arthritis, making it the number one cause of disability.

Some of the shocking revelations from the survey include:

  • Physical Pain: 100% of patients registered pain so significant it effects their day-to-day lives, causing major lack of mobility and chronic fatigue. And not the kind of pain that can be easily managed, but significant pain that is disrupting sleep, causing isolation and leading to depression and anxiety.
  • Life-Altering Emotional Effects: 72% reported having trouble doing all usual work including work from home.
  • Gap in Quality Care: Only 57% of patients report being able to get the help they need during their healthcare appointments.

Matt Iseman is an actor, comedian and television host who began his career as a physician. Diagnosed at 30 with rheumatoid arthritis, he shares his story by combining his medical background and standup comedy routine. He has hosted the game shows Scream Play on E! and Casino Night on GSN. He is currently host of the popular show American Ninja Warrior and the new show Live Rescue.

Cindy McDaniel has been with the Arthritis Foundation for 30 years, now serving as the Senior Vice President of Consumer Health and Impact. Her experience coupled with her extensive consumer insights expertise, equips her well for the role of seamlessly integrating its key mission areas of Advocacy, Help & Support and Juvenile Arthritis. Cindy was also the founding editor of Arthritis Today magazine.