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In the gym with the 10th ranked Gymcats

Posted at 10:33 PM, Jan 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-11 00:33:25-05

“Dislocated kneecaps…a stress fracture in my lower back…fractured my navicular bone, which is a bone in your foot.”  These are just some of the injuries the Arizona Gymcats have dealt with...”you bounce right back,” says senior Madison Cindric.

The Gymcats are bouncing right into their season...ranked 10th in the country after the first week of competition under first year head coach, John Court.

Court has been with the program for 19 years, and took over as head coach this season. Hoping to see his interim title removed soon...“my guess is that they're pretty busy right now,” jokes Court of the busy athletic staff who is in the midst of hiring a new football coach.

Every 4 years the summer Olympics grow the sport of gymnastics...though USA gymnastics has been in the headlines lately for all the wrong reasons.  “I think it'll be on a stricter leash.  You’ve got to watch out for those things, says sophomore Lauryn Mattson. “I think it's important that women know they can speak up, and say things that aren't right. “Gymnastics has some work to do.  The governing body has some work to do,” says Court. “That's for sure.  But what we do in collegiate gymnastics is a chance for everyone that loves gymnastics to come out and support it and Tucson’s put their arms around us.”


Court says it's also a way for the student athletes to continue training, but also prepare for the future.  In his words...either get a job, or go to grad school.  Mattson is majoring in accounting.  “I'm in the business school….I love Ellerson.”  “I’m currently applying to MBA grad schools right now,” says Cindric, who is hoping to get into sports administration.

But for now, the Gymcats are happy with some on campus bragging rights.  “They're the best athletes on campus,” says Court.  “No one can do what we ask them to do.”

The Gymcats are headed out on the road for their first road meet in Ames against Iowa St. on January 12th.