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FC Tucson names Pima's Cosgrove head coach

Posted at 6:33 PM, Feb 21, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-21 20:33:02-05

FC Tucson didn't have to look very far for their new head coach.  “This will be a completely different level,” says Pima Community College’s David Cosgrove, who was named FC Tucson’s new head coach on Wednesday.

Growing up in soccer around Tucson, Cosgrove says not much has compared to what previous head coaches, Jon Pearlman and Rick Schantz have built here.  “They may not be on the bench but I’m sure they'll have a role as an assistant coach the next couple of months.”  Cosgrove says he spoke with both prior to accepting the position.

“Tucson has built up a big name for a soccer community”, says Phoenix Rising assistant coach Rick Schantz, who was the first head coach of FC Tucson.   “And with the partnership with Phoenix Rising, it's a job that was highly sought after.  But we wanted to make sure it was somebody from Tucson.”

Cosgrove will coach both Pima, and FC Tucson. Saying that joining the pro team can only help grow the profile of Aztecs soccer.  “Pima college obviously adds to what FC Tucson has as well. So, I look at it as the lines are being blended and both programs will benefit from this association.”

And, Cosgrove is looking forward to the challenge of helping grow youth soccer in Tucson. Something that former head coach, Jon Pearlman helped build.  “I just love the fact that I’m going to be part of an organization that will have 6-year old’s out there watching and hopefully in 10-15 years, they'll be out there playing on the field and if I can inspire the younger generations in Tucson, I’ll give back to the community that's given me so much.”

FC Tucson opens their season on May 12th against Albuquerque.  They will move to the USL Division III for the 2019 season.