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Coaches for Charity kickoff luncheon held in Tucson

Posted at 5:53 PM, Aug 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-08-12 20:53:50-04

High school football is back in southern Arizona, as the first game kicks off this coming Thursday between Nogales and Sunnyside. And today, the teams made it official.

The Coaches for Charity kickoff classic was held today in Tucson...the event hosted 8 teams that are the spotlight games this week.  Including: Ironwood Ridge, Marana, pueblo, Rincon, Palo Verde and Tanque Verde.

This year's keynote speaker was one of Arizona football's most notable alumni, Ricky Hunley.

“I think the big message is accountability,” says Hunley.  “You know got to hold yourself to a higher standard, and you've got to be accountable for yourself and find out what you're passionate about.  If you're not passionate about it, you're in the wrong sport.  And you have to be passionate about it, you have to be accountable to your teammates, because everything in get what you emphasize.  If you don't emphasize it for yourself, no one is going to emphasize it for you.  A lot of kids grow up in this age now where, their parents want it more than they want it. The parents, they're like that's going to be my NFL star.  Forget about that.  You've got a better chance at being a brain surgeon than you do being a professional football player.  And so, play as long as you can play.  Play with passion, have fun doing it.”

Nogales and Sunnyside are the featured game, the only two teams playing this Thursday night.  The other 6 teams will kick off their respective season on Friday.

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