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Cardinals introduce Josh Rosen

Cardinals introduce Josh Rosen
Posted at 7:07 PM, Apr 27, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-27 22:07:35-04

Josh Rosen was "pissed" he wasn't taken earlier in the first round of the draft on Thursday night.  Today at Cardinals HQ, he back tracked that statement.  "I was a little emotional last night," Rosen said Friday.  

After saying there were 9 mistakes ahead of him, a calmer Rosen clarified: "I would actually say that I'm not as angry that there were nine guys ahead of me, just three quarterbacks," Rosen said. "That's kind of what gets to me. So, there were three big mistakes ahead of me, but honestly, it's a blessing in disguise. This is an incredible team that I think is really, really primed and set to do some incredible things in the future, and I think I just, very simply, lucked out."

Rosen joins a Cardinals team that is just missing a quarterback.  Larry Fitzgerald is returning, David Johnson is back after missing most of last season with a broken wrist, and the Cardinals defense will be even better this year after Hassan Reddick and Buddah Baker both got a year of NFL experience under their belt. 

 Rosen will join Sam Bradford and Mike Glennon in the quarterback room.  A relationship he is looking forward to growing.  Rosen said Bradford reached out to him Friday, and was looking forward to getting to work with him.

Another relationship Rosen is looking forward to is with his offensive coordinator, Mike McCoy.  Rosen compared the relationship between the quarterback and offensive coordinator to Star Trek and a "mind melt".  Also adding that he's looking forward to his system, considering all the tweaking he's had to do for quarterbacks in the past like Tim Tebow. He is also looking forward to picking his brain about working with Peyton Manning and Phillip Rivers.  Adding, he hopes to be like Manning and Aaron Rodgers on the football field.  Josh, the Cardinals hope for that too.