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92-year old Rita Williams lives life to fullest

Posted at 6:53 PM, Apr 22, 2016
Rita Williams walked with a cane for four years and admits, "everywhere I went, I took it with me."
But after working out with her trainer Allie Daniels in Fellowship Square's Senior Fitness gym twice a week, Williams made it home without her cane.
"I got home from exercise, and she called and said 'your cane is here!' and I had walked home without it!" Williams laugh.
It was one of many accomplishments of the Cleveland native, who is 92 years old.
"People think I'm in this eighties, which is really nice to hear!"
Williams advice to living a long, strong life?
"You take every day as it comes and do your best, and for heavens sake, keep a smile on your face!"
Her 15-minute workouts include lifting four pound weights, pedaling on a stationary bike, and a series of balancing exercises.
"She doesn't give up.  She doesn't sit back and say because I'm 92, I can't do this," Daniels says.
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