Scripps News Reports: The election year importance of the everyday economy

The economy is the No. 1 political issue among consumers. As the election nears, how is it affecting the everyday American experience?
Posted at 6:30 PM, Jun 13, 2024

On this episode of Scripps News Reports is the No. 1 political issue among consumers: the economy. Inflation has soared, unemployment has plummeted and the stock market is at record highs.

What is the reality for the average American consumer? What would another four years of President Biden mean for them? What about a return of former President Trump?

We speak with economists about what has shaped recovery from the pandemic's unprecedented economic effects. We compare how the broad strokes of unemployment and stock prices compare to the experiences of the individual consumer. And we hear from voters about the economic issues that matter most to them.

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And we investigate the effect presidential policies can have on the economic picture for consumers. We compare the economic priorities of President Biden and former President Trump, the changes they want to bring for consumers and their different approaches to tax policy.