Drop in 2021 grad rates due to pandemic

Tucson Unified and Sunnyside say remote mode took a toll on some seniors
Posted at 10:25 PM, May 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-29 01:25:12-04

TUCSON, Ariz. — Falling behind became easier to do during the pandemic. Some students disengaged in remote mode.

Tucson Unified and Sunnyside districts reported grades took a hit.

"I'm definitely seeing many more students than I have in the past," said Sunnyside Superintendent Steve Holmes.

KGUN9 asked the question -- did more seniors lose too much academic ground during the pandemic to recover in time?

Both superintendents described the efforts made during the 11th hour -- those days leading up to graduation day.

And now we have the graduation rate numbers.

For Tucson Unified, we're told the spring graduation rate is 82% -- combining all TUSD high schools.

The previous year the ADE reports 83% percent.

In Sunnyside, the district is reported Desert View sits at 83% compared to 88% last year.

This year's grad rate at Sunnyside HS is 84% compared to 93% last year. This district says the school had an exceptional 2019/2020 year.

The district said that there's an uptick in seniors taking summer school to earn enough credit to graduate.

20 more senior signed up than the previous year and if they pass will graduate the end of June.