The Zoppé Family Circus arrives in Tucson with drive-in event

The Zoppé Family Circus in Tucson
Posted at 6:54 AM, Jan 15, 2021
and last updated 2021-01-15 08:54:16-05

TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) — Since 1842, The Zoppé Family Circus has soared sky high.

"We're the only circus in the world that is doing anything like this right now," said The Zoppé Family Circus Director, Giovanni Zoppé.

Maybe that's because, in a sense, they've been here before.

"My family got through the last pandemic. We got through two world wars. We got through famine. We got through leprosy. We'll get through this pandemic," said Zoppé.

A drive-in style circus in how Zoppé, and his team of creatives, plan to bring entertainment to towns across the country, but it's no small task.

"It's a huge venue, but it really feels like a small venue when we perform," said Zoppé.

The performances will be magnified on a big screen. Zoppé said even the cars in the very last row can see trapeze artists, musicians and the brand new human cannonball.

"We are being filmed. Our images are up on the screen, but it's kind of amazing. I really get the feeling that we're still in a big living room even though we're outside and there are hundreds of cars," The Zoppé Family Circus Ringmaster, Mace Perlman.

The Mercado District is hosting the Zoppé family.

"It's all about the space. Luckily, here we have the space to set it all up," said Haversack Productions Executive Director, Kira Dixon.

Even with the distance between cars, Zoppé's goal is to connect. He said he wants to show Tucsonans his love for circus and family traditions.

"The energy of the audience is pure energy. The horns honk and people get out of their car hoods to wave. I can feel my father looking down on us and smiling. I know we can do this," said Zoppé.

The Zoppé Family Circus will be in Tucson from January 15-31.