Trucking industry booming during ongoing pandemic

Posted at 4:08 PM, Nov 14, 2020

TUCSON, Ariz. — While many industries are struggling during the pandemic the trucking industry isn’t missing a beat.

The HDS Truck Driving Institutesaid the business is booming during the pandemic.

“We have not slowed down because of the pandemic, the goods need to get out there, so they need drivers to do so,” said Tim Kernstien.

Kernstein used to enjoy the freedom behind the wheel himself.

“I work when I wanted to, I took time off when I wanted to and I still made a great wage," he said.

Now, he certifies those who are ready to get behind the wheel with a Commercial Driver's License (CDL). However, before students walk away with the new certification, they go through a 160-hour course, which is equivalent to about a month of training where he shows students the basics.

“The first week would be classroom training the next three weeks would be maneuvering the trucks on the, on the range and or on the road,” he said.

Kernstein said there is an increase in students working towards the certification.

He explained for those looking to get into truck driving, there are different options for how you can pay for the program including financial aid.