Self-driving trucking company hiring in Tucson

Posted at 1:22 AM, Dec 07, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-07 10:45:23-05

TUCSON, Ariz. — TuSimple wants you to know they are hiring.

"People who are watching today, we have 30 openings," Senior Director of External Affairs, Robert Brown, said.

The company designs and tests self-driving trucks in Tucson.

"We need CDL drivers, we need testing engineers, we also need mechanical engineers and techs and HR folks."

That's not counting the more than 100 jobs they're adding.

Mayor Regina Romero announced at her state of the city address that the company will be expanding its operations in Tucson.

What does that mean for you?

"The average age of a driver is 55 years old and bringing new people into the industry is very tough," Brown said.

The company said it wants people in Tucson to fill those new jobs.

"We are developing that virtual driver through software and hardware."

Brown said they're looking for more people to do more of that, at the 35,000 square foot campus they're building.

He said the company is building roots in the city, even helping the helpers in town.

"We did run pro-bono runs during the height of COVID for the food bank and we've been working with them for over two years."

The Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona told KGUN9 they get a discounted rate from TuSimple to ship food to other food banks in the region.

"We're venture capitalist-backed. We're a tech company so we're supported by our investors."

The company relies on investors to grow, recently a reported $350 million were raised.

"We officially can't comment on that."

The company could not confirm that the funds went toward construction in Tucson.

What Brown can confirm is the expanding tech economy in Tucson.

"Folks that graduate the U of A now they don't have to go to California to get a job, or go to Texas to get a job."