Providing a safe and relaxing local getaway, Miraval Arizona Rebounds

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Posted at 4:02 PM, May 21, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-22 12:03:02-04

TUCSON, Ariz. — People are searching for ways to get away and relax safely during the pandemic, and the hospitality industry is doing what it can to bounce back from this pandemic. It is a feat Miraval Arizona says it's coping pretty well with.

“There was a great deal of excitement from our colleagues and our guests when we reopened our doors,” said Sheri Muskin, the resort manager at Miraval Arizona.

Reopening last year in August, Muskin says there was a huge need for guests to have safe domestic travel again.

“When you know that you can serve a place for guests to be able to reconnect back with themselves, it feeds us in a way that probably doesn’t feed other people,” said Muskin.

Muskin says the resort is grateful it is able to be a place of well-being for people to be able to come back to, especially during a time when self-care is highly needed.

“It was certainly a priority for people to come back to a place of well-being in their lives, and so the need was great. And we were grateful we had a lot of our guests who had been here before to come back and new guests as well to travel,” said Muskin.

Muskin says the resort made sure to have a thoughtful approach when reopening. Sitting on hundreds of acres of land, Miraval Arizona was able to move a lot of their programs outdoors.

“We had a lot of our colleagues who returned who wanted to serve our community and serve themselves, working in a place like Miraval where we can be mindful,” said Muskin.

Miraval Arizona has also brought on new hires who wanted a peaceful environment to work in. But the resort is looking to hire more.

“[The hospitality industry] was one of the ones, that I would say, was hit mostly hardest. We’re noticing Arizona Inn, Westin La Poloma, Los Ventana Canyon, they’re hiring multiple positions across the board,” said Danny Howe, a workforce development specialist at Pima County One Stop.

Positions like front desk employees, golf course attendants, maintenance, housekeeping, and staff for restaurants adjacent to the hotels and resorts. If you are looking to get back to work Pima County One Stop provides a variety of job training.