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This reusable pumice stone for toilets that removes stains is just $12.99

This reusable pumice stone for toilets that removes stains is just $12.99
Posted at 4:30 AM, Sep 15, 2022

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Life is short, and scrubbing toilets is one of those pesky tasks we could all benefit from doing less of. When it comes to buying a toilet cleaner, either a tool or solution, it’s best to find something that works quickly, efficiently and effectively. It’s even better when it’s chemical-free and economical.

Enter the Powerstone Pumice Stone for toilet bowls. It is a remarkable wand that lets you rub away hard water stains and use it repeatedly.


For only $12.99, this odorless pumice stone for toilet bowls lets you clean without any chemicals. Because of its sturdy, easy-to-grip handle is made from recycled materials and the item itself is reusable, it’s also eco-friendly.

The wand measures 9.5 by 1.5 by 1.5 inches and blasts through hard water rings, iron, calcium and limescale deposits and doesn’t leave behind any residue. It’s perfect for scrubbing sinks, tile, tubs and toilet bowls — anything with a porcelain or ceramic surface. Just rub the wand back and forth.


You can buy additional wands to tackle bathtubs, sinks, tile and grout. It’s great for outdoor items like swimming pools and grills — anything that’s got baked-on food, grime or dirt like metal gardening supplies or rusted workshop tools. (Just run a small test area to determine scratch resistance before you clean the item for the first time.) It’s already affordable as a single, but two-packs are available for $15.29.

With more than 23,200 global ratings and an average score of 4.5 out of 5 stars, most users raved about how well the pumice stone for toilets cleaned their bowls, especially if they had well water, which can leave behind mineral deposits. Several mentioned it “worked like a charm.”

Reviewer Ken was amazed this was the first time he’d ever heard about using a pumice stone as a cleaner.

“I used to drain the water out and hand scrub the stains, but no more! It literally takes seconds to clean my toilets now! I am thoroughly impressed.”


Another reviewer used it on her toilet and shower glass doors and was equally wowed.

“I was afraid to buy something like this for my toilet afraid it would scratch the finish. It does not scratch but it does clean! I was desperate to get the hard water stains and buildup off my shower glass and this worked!” She added that her glass has never looked so clear.

Some reviewers did mention that it wasn’t a miracle-worker on their hard water stains, but for the price, it seems worth trying.

We like that the Powerstone Pumice Stone includes an air-vented storage case so you can simply rinse the stone and then stow it away.

What do you use to clean your toilet? Do you think the pumice stone could do this dirty job for you?

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