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The 4 greatest infomercials in the history of television

Posted at 11:58 AM, Jul 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-10 14:58:01-04

For more than 50 years we've been bombarded with As Seen on TV products promising everything from weight loss to perfect microwave potatoes. These ads aren't showing any signs of letting up so if we can’t beat them, we might as well join them. Kristina Guerrero is taking look back at some of the greatest infomercials through the decades.

1. Million Dollar Smile

Before we venture back into the infomercial time capsule, we'll start out with one of this year’s infamous As Seen on TV products. Are you embarrassed by your broken, crooked, missing teeth… and vanity?! Like many successful infomercials, this one for fake teeth targets our insecurity.

2. The Pocket Fisherman

We're casting our line back to the ‘70s with this one. This compact fishing rod owned lakes, rivers and the airwaves back in the day. Now it's back and better than ever! Of course it is and you can still grab it for the low, low price of $19.95.

3. Ginsu Knife

Slicing its way on our list is one of the most famous knifes. It can chop wood and still remain razor sharp. They're made in the USA and still available to purchase. Consumer Reports actually calls them a "Best Buy" product.

4. Shamwow

Cleaning up the final spot on our list is this super absorbent towel. Shamwow is actually a play on the French word "chamois."

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