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Senate expected to vote on several controversial Arizona election bills this week

Posted at 9:08 PM, Mar 01, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-01 23:46:34-05

PHOENIX — In the aftermath of the 2020 presidential election, legislation is making its way thru statehouses across the country attempting to restrict voting.

No place is that more apparent than in Arizona.

Several contentious bills, (SB 1485) changes the permanent voting list to the early voting list and in the process eliminates up to 100,000 voters, (SB 1106) creates a law that critics say will prohibit out of state college students risk committing a felony if they vote in a presidential election in Arizona and (SB 1593) which reduces the time period for early voting in Arizona were all scheduled to be debated Monday in the Senate.

“These bills do attack the right to vote directly,” says Progress Arizona’s Vianey de Anda. “When these GOP lawmakers are not working to advance their political careers or help their party, they’re trying to create more limits so that less people are able to vote.”

Progress Arizona is one of several groups fighting the dozens of election bills making their way thru the legislature this session.

While progressives are fighting an uphill battle, they are not fighting alone.

“It’s a very reactionary year. People are jumping to conclusions without talking to the individual recorders in their district,” says Yavapai County Recorder Leslie Hoffman, a Republican.

“They say most of their laws are written based on information they’ve received from their constituents,” Hoffman said. “We continue to say please come to us if there is concerns. Let us work with you to make sure these new procedures are even workable. That they are not in violation of other state laws or federal laws.”

Republican lawmakers say they are responding to constituent concerns about voting.

Democrats argue they are just promoting the big lie. A stolen election.

“The saddest part is they’re not slowing down,” says State Senator Martin Quezada (D) Phoenix District 29. “They’re going full force throwing everything at the wall to see which ones will stick. And I think a lot of these are very dangerous.”

But on Monday, the election bills were held by the Republicans. When the margins for passage are razor-thin, every vote counts.

On this day there were not enough Republicans in attendance.

The debate will have to wait for another day.