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Valley voters will see changes with voting technology and ballots in upcoming elections

Posted at 6:15 PM, Feb 15, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-18 12:28:23-05

Arizona voters are gearing up for changes to ballots and voting technology in the upcoming elections.

"No system is ever going to be 100 percent but this is way better," says Fontes.

Most noticeable, the appearance of ballots.

Since 1996, voters have filled in arrows. Now, voters will fill in bubbles.

More so, the voting process is more accessible than ever before, Fontes says. New accessibility devices, where all in-person voters print ballots, accommodate those without sight, hearing or the ability to use their hands.

"The accessibility of these devices is universal as best as technology will allow," says Fontes.

Printed ballots improve security and accountability. While new tabulators used to count votes improve efficiency according to Fontes.

Megan Gilbertson from the Maricopa County Elections Department says voters need to know the time, place and manner of elections as much as understanding the process especially for the upcoming Presidential Preference Election on March 17.

Democrats only can vote in the upcoming PPE. Interested independent voters must register or change their party affiliation by February 18 to participate.

Gilbertson adds, "We have between four and five elections every year depending on where you live so voters in Maricopa County really need to find out what they're eligible for and what their next elections are."