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PROFILE: Doug Ducey running for governor again

Posted at 9:47 PM, Oct 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-15 08:47:36-04

Doug Ducey is running for a second term as governor of Arizona. He says there is still work to be done. 

"I want to secure Arizona's future. I want to do it economically, I want to do it at the border and I want to do it inside our school systems. I want to see our schools be safer and our neighborhoods be safer. We've got a lot of momentum going on in the state of Arizona right now and it's something I want to build on."

Back in May, Ducey signed an education budget plan giving teachers a 20% raise over the course of the next three years. He says he plans to continue funding K-12 public education. 

"I want to prioritize these teacher pay raises. Make sure that they are completed by school year 2020. I want dollars over and above inflation and right now our state budget is in terrific cash positive position. We have 432-million-dollars on top of a 205-million-dollar budget so there's a lot of room and flexibility for those resources." 

On border security, although it is a federal issue, Ducey says it's still important to the governor's office. 

"You're going to be asked about this if you run for governor. Everywhere you go in the state people care about public safety, they care about what's happening at the border, so you better have an opinion and a plan and something that you're going to advocate for. We've been clear that we want to focus on stopping drug cartels and human trafficking. My opponents plan has been quite the opposite." 

For Southern Arizon's economic growth, Ducey says the focus is on Davis Monthan, University of Arizona and Raytheon. 

"Making sure that they're protected and that they can expand but then also welcoming the new ideas like Caterpillar and Comcast that we've been able to brag on in Southern Arizona."