Grijalva, Wood face off for AZ-3rd District Congressional seat

Posted at 1:22 PM, Sep 30, 2020

TUCSON, Ariz. — Raul Grijalva has served in the United States Congress for nine terms.

His challenger, Daniel Wood, served in the Marines, according to his campaign's website, for four years.

Both men are hoping voters in Arizona's 3rd Congressional District will select them to serve in the next Congress.

KGUN9 asked them: who lives in this district?

"It's a district of hard-working people that aspire to go forward. A microcosm of what I think a lot of the southwest is like," Grijalva said.

"It's a large group of, it's about 65 percent Hispanic and so it makes up a large group of that, and that's who lives in Arizona's 3rd District," Wood said.

Grijalva and Wood present different opinions on how to reform immigration and border policy.

"To really deal with needing to reform a broken immigration system. Needing to have something comprehensive, something humane, something that values families that values young people, like the Dreamers," Grijalva said.

"We need to continue building the wall, for sure. We're going to need to work on the asylum laws, reforming that. We're going to need to work on laws as far as protecting our citizens from illegal immigration. We also need to work towards something that's big in my run is the human trafficking," Wood said.

Regarding the pandemic, Congressman Grijalva said the government should present a solution.

"We need to respond with a real aggressive effort. If the Senate doesn't agree to a realistic package, come January, a new congress and a new administration can attack it with the aggressiveness that we have to attack this issue of the pandemic."

Mr. Wood said any vaccine should be a personal decision while suggesting a controversial medication as a possible solution.

"My thought about that is it should be up to the person's choice, we don't need to get involved as a government. We just offer it there. The study on the hydroxychloroquine, it's coming out. I know everybody, the news came after it, a lot of folks came after it initially but there's so much documentation now from doctors who have used and it has actually helped cure COVID-19."

Both candidates offered up their pitch to voters in the district why they should be elected.

"This is why I want to go back and why I think I'm the best person for that job, is that when we come back we're going to rebuild our economy and rebuild the fractures in our society," Grijalva said.

"I have been a paycheck-to-paycheck guy, I am a combat Marine veteran, I'm a prior law-enforcement officer. I did everything. Since Grijalva's been in the economy in Tucson, it's gone down and down and continues to go down. I'm not for that, I'm for getting this economy back up and rolling," Wood said.