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Mysterious "creature" walks into a reporter's live shot and stumps the internet

Is it a dog? Coyote? Or possibly a cougar?
Posted at 7:57 AM, Oct 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-04 10:57:29-04

A reporter in Utah received an unexpected guest during her live shot while talking about overnight flooding. 

At first glance, the reporter, Morgan Saxton, and many viewers were confused about what the four-legged "creature" actually was.

Some thought it was a coyote. Others thought it was a cougar or mountain lion, and it even sparked a debate all over the internet. 

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources decided to jump in on the debate, stating that biologists were heading to the area to identify the animal. Although, they couldn't identify what the animal was from the live shot video.

"The ears are close together, tall and pointier at the tips. The tail appears shorter than a cougar's tail. We checked on the tracks, and they were definitely dog tracks," the division tweeted.

The division went out to the same spot the creature was spotted, examined some paw prints, and came to the conclusion that it was — in fact — a domesticated dog. 

The pooch's owner also confirmed the species of his new TV star/internet sensation. The owner also sent a photo to the KUTV News station, claiming that the dog is their pet.

After the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources's investigation and the owner's photo confirmation, many people on the internet are still skeptical and would like to believe it's something else.