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Northeast Super Tuesday: Trump, Clinton win big

Posted at 2:02 PM, Apr 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-27 01:43:26-04

Five states voted Tuesday in primaries as Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton nearly completed a sweep of the five states. 

Trump has been declared the Republican winner in races in all five states of Pennsylvania, Delaware, Rhode Island, Maryland and Connecticut. Clinton won in Connecticut, Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania. Clinton's Democratic challenger Bernie Sanders, meanwhile, won the primary in Rhode Island. 

According to the Associated Press, Trump has at least 950 delegates, and is approaching a near 400-delegate lead over Cruz. 

On the Democratic side, Clinton has more than 90 percent of the delegates needed to win the party's nomination. Clinton has 2,141 combined delegates, compared to 1,321 for Sanders. 

Republicans technically had 172 delegates up for grabs Tuesday, but that is a bit of a misnomer. Pennsylvania' tonight's largest prize with 71 total delegates, only doles 17 delegates out to candidates based off tonight's results. The rest are considered "unbound" delegates. 

All polls closed tonight at 8 Eastern. Refresh this page for the latest results. 

Democratic races:

Clinton 55%   Sanders 44%

Rhode Island
Clinton 43%   Sanders 55%

Clinton 51%   Sanders 47%

Clinton 63%   Sanders 33%

Clinton 60% Sanders 39%

Republican races:

Trump 56%   Cruz 21%   Kasich 19%

Rhode Island
Trump 64%   Cruz 10%   Kasich 24%

Trump 58%   Cruz 12%   Kasich 28%

Trump 54%   Cruz 19%   Kasich 23%

Trump 60%   Cruz 16%   Kasich 20%

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