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Detroit's Spider-Man needs your help to transform kids' lives

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Posted at 4:00 PM, Sep 11, 2023

DETROIT (WXYZ) — Did you know Detroit has its own Spiderman?

Yes, but it's not Peter Parker. Instead, it's 22-year-old Keair Gibson, a parkour instructor and professional freerunner.

"Free running is more so flips and free movement. Parkour is more so up and down rolls, no flipping, just getting from point A to point B as fast as possible," said Gibson.

The proud Detroiter has been practicing both arts for the past 12 years, a fascination that started with Spiderman.

"He is my favorite hero. He can crawl up walls, he got super strength, super powerful, very agile," said Gibson.

Gibson found Spidey's powers by learning parkour, which also helped him break free from being a shy kid.

"Kept me off the streets, had me learn a new skill I thought I couldn't do, and had me excel at abilities that I didn't have," said Gibson.

One of those abilities includes transforming kids' lives by teaching parkour in neighborhoods.

8-year-old Eli Paton is one of Gibson's students and another Spidey fan but credits his teacher for being a fan of the sport.

"I was watching my cousin Keair since I was a kid. He is my biggest inspiration. He is better than Spiderman. But I'm better than him," said Paton.

As for why is it important to teach parkour to kids? Gibson says "It will keep them off the streets, it will keep them from doing the things they are not supposed to be doing. It will enhance their learning and strengthen them in the physical body and mental mind."

Gibson is now raising funds to buy safety equipment that will allow him to take parkour to more kids in other neighborhoods and eventually open a gym.

"If possible, a building that's what I'm really looking for, a safe space to train these kids," said Gibson.

To support Gibson's dream to be the friendly neighborhood Spiderman and transform lives, click here.

Meanwhile, Gibson says whether you decide to do parkour, free running, or both, remember it should be done under professional supervision.