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Company offers paid leave for new grandparents

Posted at 12:05 PM, Apr 23, 2019

You’ve heard of paid time off, maternity leave, even leave for new fathers. But Cisco, a global technology company, offers paid leave for new grandparents!

“Her name is Georgia. Georgia Finley Coopel,” proud grandparent Steven Coppel boasted.

He loves spending time with her.

“It’s a little different than raising your own, so you don’t have all the responsibility,” Coppel says. “You sit back, have fun and spoil them.”

This is his second grandchild. Forming that special bond from birth with Georgia is something Coppel was able to do, thanks to his company’s grandparent leave benefit.

“Someone who has a new grandchild can take up to three days off within the first year of the child being welcomed into the family,” says Karen Wiens, Director and Health and Welfare Design for Cisco U.S. and Canada.

No matter the family dynamic, Weins says all 72,000 employees across the country have the option to take three days paid grandparent leave to bond with a new grandchild.

“And all of these time-off programs are separate from PTO, or in other parts of the country, vacation time,” says Weins.

Cisco already offers day one benefits, including four weeks paid time off and paid emergency leave. Additionally, employees get their birthday off with pay. Now, since 2017, employees enjoy the added benefit for grandmothers and grandfathers.

It’s a bonus and special bonding time employees like Coppel are grateful to have.

“You can always be there to help and nurture,” he says.

“Our Culture really does support people being where they need to be, taking that time, and really stepping away from whatever responsibilities they have to fully be there for their family,” says Weins.