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Burger King manager praised for finding woman's lost wedding ring

Posted at 10:15 AM, Mar 04, 2021

BELDING, Mich. — A fast-food employee in Michigan is getting a lot of praise for a good deed.

Brian Baum found something very special to a customer that she lost in a drive-thru.

If you visit the Belding Burger King in Michigan, you’ll likely find Brian Baum running the show. He’s been at the location for about 10 years and served as manager for the last seven.

Last month, Baum went above and beyond after a customer lost something very valuable to her.

“Yeah, she’d call and then she’d left her name and number and all that, and every time she’d call, I told her I’d keep on looking,” said Baum.

That woman is Danielle Ashley, who did a lot of praying about it.

About a month ago, she came to the BK to pick up an order. While in the drive-thru, she cleaned the snow and ice from her windshield.

“And I took it off, and I just threw the ice away, and when I flipped it, the ring slid off my finger and went into a snowbank,” she said.

It wasn’t just any piece of jewelry either, as she got it more than 50 years ago.

“God has a plan for everything he does. And I said, ‘I have no idea. I did not think this was part of the plan,’” she said.

Danielle stopped in several times to look for it, and Brian did the same.

“And so, when I did find it, that’s the first thing I did – went right in the office and sat down and left a message on her phone and tell her, ‘Give me a call.’ I had something for her,” he said.

Danielle came in right away because the ring was that special.

It was a wedding gift given to her in 1965 by her husband, Dan, an Army engineer stationed at Fort Benning, Georgia, who was just about to head off to Vietnam.

Danielle Ashley reflects on her marrying her husband in 1965

“He took me ring shopping on Wednesday, we got married on Saturday (laughter), and I had his ring until we got married. I put his ring on his finger, and he put my ring on my finger, and it’s been there pretty much since,” she told WXMI, sitting in the restaurant.

That’s why finding it was even more important.

Dan lost his kidneys, diabetes made him nearly blind, and his leg had to be partially amputated. Eight years ago, following complications related to Agent Orange, he passed away.

“It was very hard probably, the last 10 years of his life, so yes, the ring means a lot to me,” she said.

Knowing that, Baum never gave up and two weeks later was able to give her back that precious piece of jewelry.

“It was good; it made me feel good personally, but, just like I said, to see the look on her face to get something back that meant so much felt good for me,” he said.

Danielle offered a reward, but Baum refused, saying he didn’t need money for helping.

The ring – once lost in the drive-thru – is finally back where it belongs.

“All I did was lose the ring,” she said. “He did the rest.”

Burger King just started an employee of the month program and Baum will be the first recipient for March. He will get a gift card and also his picture taken to be put on a plaque.

This story was originally published by Ryan Cummings at WXMI.