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Apple to update syringe emoji amid COVID-19 vaccine rollout

Posted at 10:20 AM, Feb 18, 2021

Apple’s newest iOS update will include a change to the syringe emoji, which will make it more conducive to conversations about vaccines amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The current syringe emoji used by Apple is filled with blood, indicating a blood draw. However, when Apple users update their phone's operating system to iOS 14.5, the syringe will be filled with a clear liquid — an image that better represents a vaccine dose.

Apple is also introducing updated skin tone options for the “couple kissing” and “couple with a heart” emojis, and added more gender options to the “person with a beard” emoji. Apple also redesigned the “headphones” emoji so it more resembles the company’s line of AirPod Max headphones.

Finally, the newest batch of emojis features a few completely new imaged: “heart on fire,” “bandaged heart,” “face in the clouds” and “face with spiral eyes.”

See all of Apple’s new emoji options here. The company plans to roll out iOS 14.5 to iPhone users in the spring.