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Local gunsmith weighs in on thoughts to strengthen gun laws

Posted at 10:21 PM, Feb 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-20 10:53:01-05

Students in Washington D.C. Hosted a morbid protest in front of the White House on Monday. They called the demonstration a lie-in. Protesters say the images of their bodies on the ground should remind lawmakers of the consequences of lax gun laws.

Demonstrations also broke out in Chicago, California, and Florida.

The protests all with the same message - change gun laws.

President Donald Trump could be taking action on some of those gun laws. 

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The White House said today President Trump spoke with other lawmakers about a bipartisan bill that would strengthen the way state and federal agencies report offenses. Those changes could prevent some people from buying guns. 

Owner of Tucson Gunsmithing and Firearm Appraisals, Joe Goodale says, after mass shootings people go after the guns. 

"We have to address the people issue not the instrument," says Goodale.

Goodale says, in every instance of these mass shootings - it's a mental health issue. He believes, in order to see a difference - some medical laws will have to change. 

"Some laws have to change because of HIPAA and medical reporting and not being able to talk about a persons illnesses and things like that," says Goodale. 

Goodale says, stricter gun laws aren't going to do anything because criminals do not abide by the rules but it's up to law enforcement to make it easier for people to report something if they see something.

Here's a breakdown of the gun laws in Arizona when it comes to purchasing a gun. 

  • In a private transfer - background checks are not required.  
  • If you purchase online, through a gun auction or broker -- no background check required if you have a concealed license to carry.  (Note: Concealed carry permit holders have already passed extensive background checks during licensing.)
  • If you buy a gun from a gun shop a background check is required


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