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Yards sinking in Marana neighborhood

Posted at 6:35 PM, Jan 22, 2016
and last updated 2020-04-02 19:36:56-04
MARANA, Ariz (KGUN9-TV) - The ground is sinking in one local neighborhood.
It's happening in Marana. 
In a small part of the Pines neighborhood--  the land is sinking under streets, sidewalks and yards.  
The town of Marana and the company that built the subdivision are trying to stop the sinking -- and build the land up again.
In Marana's Continental Ranch, in a small section of the Pines neighborhood, yards that should be smooth are slumping.
Sidewalks have so many ups and downs barricades are up to reduce the chance you'll trip.
Streets are cracked and they have deep dips.
The neighborhood was built on what used to be a gravel pit.  An old pond was filled in but not packed down well enough.  
Developers noticed the land settling when they put in the streets.  They reinforced slabs under the homes but the streets and yards slumped.
You can see why the homeowners here are upset but no one we met was willing to talk with us on camera. They say there's been a lot of neighborhood tension and they feel the more publicity there is, the less chance there is they'll be able to sell their place.
Marana has created a detailed website to keep residents informed about the problem and efforts to fix it.

Holes in the sidewalk and street are part of the solution: pumping fill material underground to bring things back up.  

The Town of Marana's planning to pay at least 300 thousand dollars to fix the streets and expects the home builder to repair the yards.

Town Engineer Keith Brann says out of eight properties affected, one house has had problems but the rest of the sinking has been limited to yards and streets.
"We want to make sure people understand this is an isolated area that's currently only affecting eight homes.  There is the potential to affect up to 20 homes but it's not the entire Pines One subdivision and it certainly is not related to the Pines Two subdivision."
The Town Engineer mentions 20 lots as having potential trouble because they are in the footprint of the old pond. But most are on the fringe of the area.  The trouble's been where the pond was the deepest.  Repairs should be complete late next month or early March.