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War vets return from Honor flight

Posted at 2:43 PM, Apr 26, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-26 17:49:27-04
More than two-dozen veterans got a warm welcome home today. World War II and Korean War vets returned from their Honor Flight trip to Washington, D.C.. They spent the weekend visiting war memorials at our nation's capital and reminiscing on their time in service.
More than one hundred people gathered at Tucson International Airport to welcome home America's heroes. 
"It all just brought back how patriotic Americans are," said WWII Army veteran, Bob Murray. "Whether you have a big parade or not, Americans have turned out to be real honorable and good fighters."
After serving overseas in World War II and Korea, 25 men finally got the 'thank you' they deserve.
"Most of us never had a parade, and this honor flight thing, I'm glad it's taken off."
The trip took them to our nation's capital and took them back in time.
"It brought back coming home, and calling up my old man, and he came down and I said, 'let's have a beer, dad' .He and I had never drank together, so it was fun and we became good friends after that," said Murray. 
He and Thomas Duddelston roomed together during World War II. This weekend, they got the chance to reunite. 
"Robert and I are toward the end of the WWII veterans, and we're both in our 90's and it was a tribute that it was very nice that we could be on," said Duddleston. 
The trip served as a lasting memory for the the Greatest Generation.


"We're just proud to be Americans," said Murray. "Whether you're whoopin it up or just there for the first time, we're just proud to be Americans."
*Duddleston's trip was funded by Alexie Danna who raised the money all on her own.